Alaskan malamute

alaskan malamute

Alaskan Malamute is a Siberian Husky next of kin. This is not the same breed, even though they are very similar, and an amateur can often not see the difference between them.

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Alaskan Malamute breed originates from the coast Kotzebue, which is part of the Bering Strait. The peak of the breed development was at the time of the Gold Rush. Since 1926 professional dog handlers were involved in the breed. Alaskan Malamute is a big, strong, stately dog. At first glance a very serious-looking dog, but if you look into its eyes, these intelligent and kind eyes, that would never deceive, they reflect the love of man.

So we bought an Alaskan Malamute puppy. Then we thought that “The only thing better than a malamute, is two!”

At the time of the decision a lot of thoughts were in my head: big, looks menacing, would protect the house; happy eyes that are glowing with love for the man - is the most important thing! Beautiful and further only pros and synonyms. Malamute is love at first sight!

Everybody writes and says that it’s not a guardian dog. Any dog will always tell its owners that someone has appeared on the horizon, and even a stranger passing by would think, "They can’t jump out, can they?" Of course they will not eat anyone, and that is a huge plus in the question "How are they with children?" There isn’t a better friend and companion for children. Adult dogs become puppies, when playing with children, whereas adults are subjugated by their beauty. It's a strong constitution, powerful legs, beautiful tail over its back, attentive and curious expression on the neb, ears on top. Beauty! And you have not yet fallen in love with this breed!

Moreover, this is cycling when you do not have to pedal, your dog will drag your bike, and skis, and sleds. This is already a "Wow!", if only you don’t want to add a pool of positive emotions from the exhibits! If you are in a quiet and calm mood, it is enough to pat the malamute on the back and those extraordinary eyes will watch you right inside your soul and sometimes there’s nothing better than this appeasement...

A very typical question is “How do malamutes endure cold winters or the summer heat.” In winter they have a thick coat that protects against wind and cold, which changes by summer and becomes thinner. Malamutes are kept from Alaska to Africa have adapted to warmer climate. When it’s hot they are normally not used for work, they are left to rest in the shade. The owner should ensure that there is a bowl of water available to the dogs at all times.

A malamute male changes coat once a year and it should be combed out; females change coat twice a year. Malamute wool has healing qualities and helps from all sorts of radiculitis and cures joints affected by cold. And if you did not have time to knit a knee-pad - you can just apply it at night, it warms and heals.

Malamutes have very good ears and nose. They can even catch birds that fly by, indicating their hunting instincts.